Journey to Pascha | All eight issues up to end of Holy Week

All eight issues of Journey to Pascha are available for download (pdf format) using the links below:

Christ “the Bridegroom”


Issue 1: Sunday of the Last Judgement (Introduction to Lent, the Biblical readings, fasting and the Last Judgement)

Issue 2: Forgiveness Sunday (About forgiveness, the Canon of St Andrew, Prayer of St Ephraim and the deadly passion of Anger)

Issue 3: Sunday of Orthodoxy (The “Triumph of Orthodoxy”, “You and your conscience” and the deadly passions of Lust & Gluttony)

Issue 4: Sunday of Gregory Palamas (Hesychasm and the Jesus Prayer, the “love of the martyrs” and the deadly passion of Avarice)

Issue 5: Sunday of Holy Cross (Carrying our cross, Pt 1 of Guide to Confession and the deadly passion of Sorrow)

Issue 6: Sunday of St John Climacus (The Ladder, the Beatitudes, Pt 2 of Guide to Confession and deadly passion of Despondency)

Issue 7: Sunday of Mary of Egypt (Life of St Mary, the 5 stages of sin and the deadly passions of Vainglory and Pride)

Issue 8: Palm Sunday & Holy Week (About the services of Holy Week, final steps and Christ “the Bridegroom”)


There is one more issue of Journey to Pascha, intended for the Sunday of Great and Holy Pascha itself. The above, very brief, booklets are intended as a companion for Lent; some of the information may be useful beyond the Great Fast. If you have any questions regarding the booklets, please contact either Fr Edwin or Dn Jonathan.

The booklets are primarily produced for, and by, the Parish of St Cuthbert but can be distributed more widely if there is a desire for it. If you intend to use any of the material in the booklets, please cite “Orthodox Parish of St Cuthbert” as the author. We hope that you find these booklets useful.

A blessed Holy Week, Pascha and beyond!

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