How to find us

How to find us in CHESTERFIELD, where we worship in The Eyre Chapel in Newbold village S41 8RH:

1. By car

The Eyre Chapel

2. By train to Chesterfield station

No 10 Bus Stop to Newbold (9.20; 9.50; 10.20) Ask for The Nag’s Head pub.

For walkers it is 1¼ miles. Continue on Newbold Road until you see The Nag’s Head

on the left hand side. Go into and through its car park for The Eyre Chapel.

How to find us in SHEFFIELD:

We worship in Sheffield’s Anglican cathedral either in the crypt or in the chapel opposite the crypt.

Enter by the main door, go to the crossing, turn left and go down the steps.


How to find us in The Octagon Centre in Sheffield University

From the main concourse outside the Students’ Union enter by the main entrance to The Octagon Centre

Turn left and go down the stairs

Go through doors and turn sharp left

Go through small door and down into the basement

Follow the signs to The Gathering Room









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