Second Antiphon

1. Glory to the Father and to the Son


2. and to the Holy Spi-rit.

1. Praise the LordO my soul;

2. while I live will I praise the Lord.

1. I will sing praises un-to my God

2. while I have any be-ing.

1. Put not your trust in princes nor in the sons of men

2. in whom there is no sal-va-tion.

1. The breath of man shall go forth and return again to his earth;

2. In that very day all his thoughts shall perish.

1. Blessed is he that hath the God of Jacob as his help;

2. whose help is in the Lord his God.

1. Who made heaven and earth, the sea and all that there-in is;

** who keepeth truth for ever; who executeth justice for the oppressed;

2. Who giveth food to the hun-gry.

1. The Lord looseth those who are bound;

2. The Lord giveth sight to the blind.

1. The Lord raiseth them that are fallen.

2. The Lord loveth the righteous; the Lord preserveth the strang-ers.

1. He shall re-lieve the father-less and widows;

2. He shall blot out the way of sin-ners.

1. The Lord shall reign  for ever,

** even thy God, O Zion,

2. From generation to gene-ra-tion.


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