Journey to Pascha 2019 | Issue 9 (Sunday of St Mary of Egypt)

St Mary of Egypt and St Zosimus

The ninth issue of Journey to Pascha can be downloaded below:

Journey to Pascha IX (Sunday of Mary of Egypt)

This Sunday is dedicated to the St Mary of Egypt. Her feast day is the 1st of April, which means it falls within Lent and so we remember her on the fifth Sunday of Lent as well. Her life is a perfect icon of repentance and can be read online here.

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Readings for this Sunday: Galatians 3:23-29 (Epistle, for St Mary); Luke 7:36-50 (Gospel, for St Mary)

The Epistle and Gospel readings for the fifth Sunday, as used before St Mary was commemorated on this day, are: Hebrews 9:11-14 and Mark 10:32-45.


“As we eagerly begin, O faithful, the sixth week of the Fast,

Let us sing a hymn of preparation for the Feast of Palms,

To the Lord who comes with glory to Jerusalem in the power of the Godhead, that He may slay death.

So with reverence let us prepare the branches of virtues, as emblems of victory;

And let us cry Hosanna! to the Creator of all.”



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