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Journey to Pascha | Forgiveness Sunday

During Lent, the parish of St Cuthbert will be publishing short booklets every week. It is hoped that these booklets will be useful and help us all through this time of spiritual growth.

The first two booklets can be found as pdf files below. The first explains a bit about Lent, fasting and the Sunday of the Last Judgement. The second talks about forgiveness, the Canon of St Andrew, and the sin of anger.

Each can be printed on to one A4 piece of paper (double-sided) by selecting ‘booklet’ in the print settings in Adobe reader, although the writing is a bit small. Otherwise they can be read on your computer.

If you have any questions about the contents of these booklets, please contact Fr Edwin or Deacon Jonathan.

Issue 1: Sunday of the Last Judgement

Issue 2: Forgiveness Sunday

Other useful links:

Daily readings for Lent

The Great Canon of St Andrew…

in English (another link is also found in Issue 2, with scriptural references)

in Russian

in Greek

in Romanian

In Bulgarian

in French


May you all have a blessed and fruitful Lent!


Lent | Journey to Pascha

Preparing the Lenten services…

Sunday the 28th of January is the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee, which marks the beginning of the Lenten Triodion, a book of services and prayers that takes us to the Eve of Pascha (Easter) which this year is on the 7th of April. The period between now and that celebration of the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ is one of preparation and potential for growth. “Potential growth”, because our growth and preparedness for Pascha is not guaranteed if we enter into this period – Lent – with a superficial understanding or wrong attitude.

The Church services and prayers of Lent are a beautiful way of telling us how to have a “proper” and fruitful Fast, but there is an overabundance; in Holy Week alone, if all the services were offered in their fullness and we attended them, we’d spend close to 40 hours in church! For most people, monasteries, and all parishes today, the full compliment of Lenten services is impossible. All we at St Cuthbert’s can hope to do is try to select enough of the Church’s  wisdom and beauty to give services that can keep us going through these long weeks. Attending these services will help us to recharge on our progression of growth and repentance, spending time with other people on a similar journey. In between, we must support and love each other in prayer using the lessons taught us on each Sunday. In addition, below are a few resources that might be of help. Let’s keep in touch with each other, and especially with God.

From the Parish of St Cuthbert, may you all have a blessed and fruitful Lent!

Parish of St Cuthbert’s calendar of services for Lent and Holy Week

The Journey to Pascha – pdf of the Sundays leading to Easter and suggested “ways to participate”

Explanation of the special days, hymns and practices of Lent and Holy Week – from Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (there are some slight differences in practice between us and the Greeks, but a very good resource)

“On Fasting” by St John Chrysostom

St Cuthbert’s Parish Day (Sunday October 9th, 2016)


What: Afternoon of food, drink, games, films for adults and children.
When: Sunday October 9th, 10am til 3pm.
Where: Eyre Chapel, Newbold Chesterfield.
Who: Everyone welcome!

On 9th October, 2016 we are holding a ‘Parish Day’ where all members of our parish, along with friends and family, are invited to join us after the Liturgy for an afternoon of food, drink, children’s activities and more. There will be a marquee set up so the weather will not stop us! The Divine Liturgy will be served at 10:00am (earlier than normal) followed by food and drink reflecting the diversity of our parish.

If you have a special dish or some food from your hometown that you would like to share, please bring it along – the food will be blessed after the Liturgy. Any food or drink (wines, fruit juices etc.) you would like to bring along are very welcome and will be appreciated.

After lunch, there will be activities for children and adults. There will also be a corner for Orthodox books available to borrow and read at home. The books will be from Fr Edwin and Dn Jonathan’s own collections.

The day will conclude with everyone coming together for a short prayer service, especially for children.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us. Bring your friends and family too!

If you are interested in helping us out, or just want to know more, contact:

Deacon Jonathan (email:; tel: 07746741569)


Please make every effort to be present.  It is a new venture and we want it to be a success. We hope to make this an annual event, though perhaps not at the same time of year!

Services for Holy Week 2016

Holy Week


Tomorrow is Holy Monday, the beginning of Holy Week and the final ascent to Easter. Here is a reminder of the services the parish of St Cuthbert will be holding this week, including the Paschal services too:


Wednesday 27th April     Great and Holy Wednesday

  • Healing Service in The Eyre Chapel – 7.00 pm


Friday 29th April                    Great and Holy Friday

  • Vespers and Procession of the Shroud in The Eyre Chapel at 3.00 pm


Saturday 30th April 

  • Midnight Office, procession round the church and Paschal Matins at The Eyre Chapel at 9.00 pm


Sunday 1st May      HOLY PASCHA

  •  Divine Liturgy in The Eyre Chapel, Chesterfield, at 10.30 am, preceded by baptisms starting at 9.30 am.



More details about the full Holy Week services and their meanings can be found here:



Coffee, tiramisu and chat in the sun after the Eyre Chapel Liturgy 27/07/14

P1100882 P1100884 P1100881

Stoney Middleton Well-Dressing Weekend: Orthodox Liturgy and Blessing of the Spring 2014

Please paste this link into your browser to see all the photographs from this beautiful sunny celebration.



Sunday of All Saints of Britain 22/06/14

Click on the link above to see our photos of our Liturgy followed by a Panikhida and a celebration of a birthday!


Thank you, Frances,  for holding up your Dad’s sermon resource, and for sharing your birthday cake with everybody.


What a Weekend! Saturday, 210614 Akathist and Blessing of the Waters at Pisani Chapel

Click on this link for photos.  Wonderful day!



How many Orthodox does it take to untangle a censer?



St Columba’s Orthodox Society: Feast of the Annunciation 25/03/14

Saint Columba’s Orthodox Society is organising a meeting and talk on the occasion of the Feast of the Annunciation, on Tuesday 25th March, 18:00, in the Octagon Centre, University of Sheffield. Father Edwin Hunt will attend and will serve Vespers. For more details and directions, please visit or

Please come and worship with us!

Stoney Middleton/Pisani Services 2014

 Stoney Middleton/Pisani dates from Chris Tseleipi:
Friday 25th April Bright Friday Feast of the Life-Giving Spring 11.00am Stoney Middleton
Saturday 21st June Pisani Chapel 11.00am & 2.00pm
Saturday 26th July The Liturgy for Stoney Middleton’s Well Dressing 11.00am (ish)
Father Edwin will be celebrating.