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Open Doors – Campaign to support persecuted Christians in Syria 


Father Edwin drew our attention to this appeal yesterday at our Sheffield Liturgy.  Please click on the above link and donate if you possibly can.  

Lord have mercy!

Syria appeal update…

The violence in Syria continues to escalate but the response to the Syria emergency appeal has been outstanding. Open Doors partners have now begun to provide relief packs to the first 1,000 displaced families, but Syria’s beleaguered Christians still need your help.

A local church leader said, “I want to let you know that this relief work is offering a much needed help to hundreds of Christian families who lost everything… It is opening an amazing door for the church to reach out to them with the gospel. This is a rare opportunity for breaking the denominational barriers through the love of Christ.”

Prior to the violence in Homs an estimated 40 thousand Christians were living in the city but now only an estimated five thousand are left.

The church leader explained: “There are Christian families forced to leave their homes knowing that others would take them. They were threatened that ‘bad things’ would happen if they would have stayed. With their lives at risk, staying was no option anymore.”

Christians are depending on help from organisations like Open Doors or from local churches, who are doing everything possible to help displaced people from Homs and other cities. Open Doors is supporting churches and about one thousand families will receive food parcels, hygiene kits and other useful items.

  • A gift of £70 will provide a family of six with an emergency family relief pack containing food, fuel and medical aid.

  • A gift of £118 will provide a family of six with an emergency family relief pack, a family Bible and other urgently needed support such as trauma counselling.

Download the Syria Emergency video to show at your church or prayer group.

Whatever you can give will provide security and protection for Christians facing an uncertain future.

Liturgy for the Feast of Pentecost at Sheffield Cathedral 070614


Click here for more pictures:


Thank you, Father Stephen, for serving the Liturgy for us in Sheffield today.

Akathist on Bright Friday 2014

Click on this link to see more photos.  Lovely event.  Many thanks to Chris for his warm welcome and lunch!



Please help to found the Monastery on Mull

This is the page explaining how to give to help buy land on Mull.  From there you can find out more about the project to found a women’s monastery on the island.

Saint Columba’s Orthodox Society

St Columba of Iona (Fr Jurewicz)

St Columba of Iona

Please consider joining this new society!

It is a Sheffield University student endeavour, aiming to bring together Christian Orthodox students/anyone interest in finding out more about Orthodoxy.  We hope to bridge gaps between different approaches to Orthodox Christianity, as, together, we explore these from our different cultures/heritages.

The opening event will be on Tuesday, March 4th, 18.00 – 20.00, in the Gathering Room, Octagon Centre, University of Sheffield, Western Bank, SHEFFIELD S10 2TN, when Fr Edwin Hunt will talk about Living Lent in Modern Britain.

For details of future meetings, please visit us at

or e-mail:

Father Seraphim on Mull

Father Seraphim on Mull

Last Sunday some of us were talking about the Orthodox Monastery of Saints Ninian and Cuthbert on Mull.  Here is the link for Father Seraphim’s WordPress blog.


Interim Policy Statement on Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable People in the Orthodox Church

Please read this statement carefully.  A copy is on display at all our services.  We need to be aware of the issues dealt with in this policy document, as we meet as a loving community.

Calendar Updated for July, August and September

The Calendar of Services for the next three months is now online. Please visit our calendar (or click on the small Orthodox icon on the left-hand side of this page).

We need to increase the congregational participation. In order to do that, we need you, dear members of our parish, to come on a regular basis to services, especially to the Holy Liturgy.

Announcement: Akathist at the Pisani Chapel Sat 23rd Jun

Last years Blessing of the Waters outside the Pisani Chapel

On Saturday 23rd June, at the Pisani chapel in Cromford, Derbyshire, there will be an Akathist of Thanksgiving.

The Pisani Chapel is an Orthodox chapel built within the grounds of a stone-cutting business, Pisani Ltd., off the A6 near Cromford, Derbyshire. For address and contact details, see here.

The chapel is a converted barn, beautifully decorated with marble and stone sold by the company. A few pictures are shown below.

What is an Akathist?
An akathist is a hymn comprises 24 stanzas. The stanzas alternate between short, ending with the refrain Alleluia, and long. The first Akathist Hymn was written in honour of the Mother of God in the 6th century A.D by St Roman the Melodist. Later, a massive besieging army of Persians and Scythians were miraculously turned away from the walls of Constantinople. The relieved citizens believed their deliverance had come through the intercessions of the Mother of God, and so sang St Roman’s praises to her all night without sitting down – and so the hymn became known as the Akathist (Gr. meaning “without sitting”).

Since then, many other Akathists have been written, addressed to God, Jesus Christ, or a particular Saint: the words in each are different, but they all follow the same structure as the original Akathist Hymn.

The Akathist of Thanksgiving was composed by Metropolitan Tryphon (Turkestanov) +1934 – but frequently attributed to Father Gregory Petrov, who died in a Soviet prison camp. It is a song of praise from amidst the most terrible sufferings. With each day, some news of one thing or another arrives that is cause either for distress or anxiety – yet it is far better to meet such problems with prayer and thanksgiving. Everyone is welcome to join us in giving thanks to God!

The Pisani Chapel:


Akathist of Thanksgiving

(NB: the translation we use may differ from this)