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Late News – apologies!

Anita and David made their first Communion as full members of the Orthodox Church in the Eyre Chapel on Sunday, August 26th.  Here they are with Anita’s newly-blessed icons of St Anne:

Vespers of the Dormition of the Mother of God, 14/08/12

Before Vespers, Father Edwin received David and Anita (as Ann) by Chrismation.

We welcome them both warmly into our community, and hope to accompany them on their journey, learning more about the richness of the Orthodox Church, for many years to come!

There are more pictures in the gallery section of our blog.

Here is the icon of St Anne which Father Stephen has kindly sent from St Anne’s Monastic House in York, for the newly-received Ann.  She hasn’t seen it yet!

God’s Grandmother


Wednesday, July 25th: Dormition of Anna

Yesterday was the feast of St Anne’s Monastic House, and also my name day;  Geoff and I celebrated by attending the Liturgy in York. 

Sunday,July 22nd: The New Martyr Ilie Lacatusu

Today at the Eyre Chapel, we celebrated the feast of the New Martyr, Priest Ilie Lacatusu, Wonderworker.  We sang his Akathist before the Liturgy, and a Panikhida for him afterwards, then feasted on kolyva and tira misu!  It was a joy to share all this with our Romanian parishioners and friends.  If you want to know about the life and canonisation of this Romanian saint, the internet provides his story and images.

Please see the Pictures section of this blog for images of our service/feast.

Long-suffering Father Ilie, putting on Christ’s mantle, pray to Him that He may save our souls.